To my dismay, I’m all out of my beloved La Mer moisturizing skin gel. Can I just say I absolutely LOVE this cream. Its a lighter version of the original Creme de la mer for those of us with oily and acne prone skin. I got introduced to it on a particularly desperate visit to Saks on my birthday last year after suffering from a facial burn while experimenting with Murad Acne complex kit , more on that later. The sales woman at the La Mer counter mixed the moisturizing skin gel with the gel concentrate and applied it to my face and it felt like heaven. All the tightness and the flaking simply disappeared and since it happened to be my birthday and I was on my way to dinner with MVOW i decided to cuff up the hefty price tag – $249 (don’t judge me for vanity sake) for the gel cream and the nice lady gave my several sample packs of the concentrate that lasted weeks until my burns went away. Needless to say, I’ve been in love ever since. A little goes a long way with this mysterious broth. It lasted about 9 months which made the price a little easier to justify (at least to me). Anyway, last month the love-affair finally had to end for economy sake. I found myself at a cross roads, cough up another 249 dollars for a facial cream in the middle of a global recession, with starving children in Africa or find another moisturizing lotion?

At the end my conscience won and i began my search for recession proof La Mer. One option was to return to an old faithful the Khiel’s Sodium PCA oil free moisturizer which is also very good but I find it doesn’t do anything for the texture of my skin which has started showing signs of “aging”, I need the heavy duty stuff to slow down nature’s intent. Someone suggested I try the Alba Bontancia Sea Lipids, at 8.99 my snobbish side was extremely skeptical. Does my moisturizer have to be expensive to prove it works? The answer to my delight is a resounding NO! I love this product. Packed with macademian and almond oils, protective shea butter and a nutrient rich complex of sea lettuce, kelp and algae. This all natural product is pure moisture without the oily residue. My skin feels plump and super hydrated and I think it gives me a certain glow…that could also be my MAC working, but you never know!