For several weeks, I have had an obsession with finding the perfect shade of turquoise bag for spring...

It started out with a passing glance at a woman’s turquoise bag and thinking, that’s a striking color – I’d like a bag in a color like that. And then I started to obsess a little – looking around me, trying to find that exact color again. Over the weekend, I did a quick search through some of the brands I thought might be in my price range. And all I saw were bags that were too green, too blue. I have no idea why I started fixating on this color. But as I was leaving the office just a few hours ago, I made a decision – I am going to find the perfect turquoise bag and buy it for spring. So, I get home this evening and…new bags on…let’s just take a look and see…and there it was – the perfect color! Offered in multiple shapes, no less. tried to explain to me that Kooba is a hip and trendy brand. I have no idea. Even with the near 50% discount, it was still at the upper end of what I wanted to spend. So, I paused before putting it into my basket. I thought about some of the other shapes offered. But this turquoisey-leathery bag began to imprint itself more and more on my brain. I tried to look away. I tried to focus on finding my sister a birthday present instead. But my subconscious crept in and explained to me how I’d been looking for this bag before I found it. And then it actually materialized in front of my eyes just days later. How could one argue with such destiny!

My rational brain realizes this is how online flash shopping gets you – not just because this deal is only around for a few days – because you know, from past experience – that if you just wait a half day, a few hours – the item you’ve been eyeing will be “sold out”. Snatched up by another shopper. Flash shopping makes it not just the joy of consumerism, but also the joy of  competition. Feeding multiple basic impulses and goading me into decisiveness where I otherwise might waffle. Because I don’t want to lose.

So, the ploy works on me. And, what do I care? I get to have my dream bag of the season….