Ok, we know what you’re thinking – Spices?  This has to be a cooking blog!  Not exactly.  Well then, what does it mean?  Does this have to do with the Spice Girls?  Sorta, but not really.  So confusing!  Keep reading and hopefully it will all start to make sense!

How exactly did our group come together?

We did not meet at school or through friends.  We met at work.  We all worked for the same company in the same department.  Some of us have moved on, but some of us still work there.  We were consultants and consultants work long hours, often times whether we liked it or not.  When you spend so much time with people that are not actually family, they become like family and that’s what our group became.  We were just a group of girls who loved each other’s company.

Although there is definitely some debate on when exactly our group actually became a “group”, we can all agree that we grew closer in the Spring of 2004 on a 4-day trip to London.  Bigzgirls had a place where we could stay and she asked a bunch of girls who would be interested in a long weekend across the pond.  And 8 of us said yes.

In planning for our trip, someone came up with the idea of referring to us as the Spice Girls. Then someone came up with the notion of assigning everyone a Spice name.   And so we made up our own creative Spice names (which I do not think we’re planning to blog about – too personal!).   Although there were two of us who did not get to make the Spice trip, we selected Spice names for them too, but it was all in good clean fun.  Some of those names have been long forgotten, and some of us still answer to our Spice names (me!), but for better or worse, we were the Spice Girls and that moniker stuck.  Who knew that 7 years later we’d still be saying Spice this and Spice that, but we are.

Over the last 7 years there have been many, many, many Spice trips, and long weekends, and dinners and get-togethers, and bus rides, and car rides, etc.  We’ve stuck together through weddings, babies, job changes, moves to different cities and countries.  Lots of laughs, lots of tears . . . certainly lots of food and drinks!

How many of us are there?

Our Spice group consists of 11 lovely ladies, but we have 8 gals currently contributing to this blog.  We all used to live in New York and most of us still live there, while a couple of us have moved to far off exotic places like Chicago and London (har har).  Some of us post very often and some of us do not post often at all, but we hope we get everyone contributing soon!

So far we’ve got:

  • mrscannoli – our” old married lady”, who’s always got something cooking
  • MacchaMe – our youngest one, who keeps us all young with her fresh perspective
  • bigzgirls – our working wife and mom with two adorable kids and a love of expensive leather things
  • hencha – our transplanted Chicago gal who’s loving life with her cutie dog Marley
  • nyuchick – our smartypants who went to NYU apparently, and is our eternally perky comic relief
  • mrsjan2011 – our newlywed who is enjoying married life, but promises to check in here once in a while
  • boogaloo7 – our London wife who is getting ready to welcome her first little one in 2011
  • mamamia3done – our stay at home mom who will soon have 3 kids, and boy is she done!

Why did we make this blog?

Aside from wanting to write our opinions on food, fashion and other random things for the world to read and hopefully find entertaining, this blog is a good way for us to keep in touch in way that we could not do through Facebook or email.  We can read the blog and and check in to see who’s going on vacation, who’s learning a new hobby, who’s eating something amazing for lunch!  We’ve known each other for so long, but through this blog we still learn more about each other on a regular basis.

We hope you continue to read this blog, learn more about us, and come back to find out what we’re up to!  We appreciate all the comments and kind words from our readers!