I have all this stuff I’ve thought about blogging, but nothing seems to stick. I had to delete my new boots post the other day for multiple reasons – the photo was awful, and I couldn’t figure out the link function. I don’t know if it’s that the wordpress app has changed since I last used it, but I’ve been having a much harder time figuring it out. Then I was going to post about my TV epiphanies last night as I was going through all the season premieres on hulu.com. But after I wrote it, it just sounded dumb. The thing is, though, I can’t join in on any other Spice activities, like your BBQs and Halloween parties, so this is really the only forum I have to share random thoughts with you. And here’s one that has been bugging me. I think I’m regressing. Or going through some sort of early mid-life crisis. Here’s the evidence:

1) I like reading the HelloGiggles blog instead of xoJane. xoJane has contributors who are my age. HelloGiggles has girls blogging about how they can’t believe they are getting so old because they are turning 26 and no longer in their early 20s.

2) My current endless repeat favorite song is Britney’s “How I Roll”. Really? Britney singing about her “posse”?

3) I crush on 25 year old boys (but they are so cute!) and am finding men over the age of 35 kind of creepy.

Am I wrong? Do I need to grow up? Am I just trying to avoid the inevitable passage of time? Trying to ignore the growing number of white hairs on my head?