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Thoughts for now

I have all this stuff I’ve thought about blogging, but nothing seems to stick. I had to delete my new boots post the other day for multiple reasons – the photo was awful, and I couldn’t figure out the link function. I don’t know if it’s that the wordpress app has changed since I last used it, but I’ve been having a much harder time figuring it out. Then I was going to post about my TV epiphanies last night as I was going through all the season premieres on But after I wrote it, it just sounded dumb. The thing is, though, I can’t join in on any other Spice activities, like your BBQs and Halloween parties, so this is really the only forum I have to share random thoughts with you. And here’s one that has been bugging me. I think I’m regressing. Or going through some sort of early mid-life crisis. Here’s the evidence:

1) I like reading the HelloGiggles blog instead of xoJane. xoJane has contributors who are my age. HelloGiggles has girls blogging about how they can’t believe they are getting so old because they are turning 26 and no longer in their early 20s.

2) My current endless repeat favorite song is Britney’s “How I Roll”. Really? Britney singing about her “posse”?

3) I crush on 25 year old boys (but they are so cute!) and am finding men over the age of 35 kind of creepy.

Am I wrong? Do I need to grow up? Am I just trying to avoid the inevitable passage of time? Trying to ignore the growing number of white hairs on my head?


The Epitome of Customer Service

Last year, a friend went to a michelin starred restaurant called The Ledbury, and couldn’t stop raving about it. Everything he had was delicious and he highly recommended it. My husband and I have been meaning to try it for a long time, but the restaurant is always fully booked on the weekends. So, we finally decided to go for lunch on a weekday. The restaurant is nicely laid out and decorated, not over the top like some other michelin star restaurants. The staff was friendly, which was expected. We were a bit early for lunch time, so the restaurant was rather empty. Hhhhmmm, I thought, maybe it’s because it’s Tuesday and the restaurant is not anywhere near the financial center. But within 20 minutes, it was packed.

My husband and I each ordered a starter and a main. These, along with amuse bouche, was enough for me. And everything was absolutely delicious. The service was very good; attentive but again, not over the top. When it came to dessert, my husband narrowed his selection down to 2 and couldn’t decide which one to order. When the waiter came, my husband chatted with him a bit and told him he couldn’t decide. He made a last minute decision and ordered one. Of course the waiter suggested that I can order the other, but I told him I was too full. A few minutes later, the restaurant manager, who has been going from table to table chatting with customers (we realized that there are quite a few regulars), brought our dessert cutlery. He smiled and said ‘an extra set just in case you wanted to share.’

When the desserts came (yes, desserts with an ‘s’) we were confused and told the waiter that we didn’t order one of the desserts. The waiter smiled and said ‘it’s on the house.’ Wow, we thought, what a pleasant surprise! And yup, both desserts were fantastic. What wonderful customer service! And we told them so. We would definitely go back to The Ledbury. The food, the service, everything was just amazing.

I thought there couldn’t possibly be anything that can top our experience, until I read an article on the Evening Standard about the Ledbury staff. Recently, there have been a number of riots happending across London and the wider UK. I was flabbergasted to read that rioters targeted the Ledbury and the staff fought off rioters trying to rob guests. They defended the restaurant, protected their guests and accompanied them to the Tube. To top it off, the restaurant did not charge the customers for their dinners and called their guests the following day to ensure they got home safely.

I was absolutely blown away by what the Ledbury staff did. They went far beyond the call of duty; it’s more than just customer service. The Ledbury values their customers because they know that without customers, they’ve have no business. Bravo to them for their bravery and their understanding of true customer service. Now, more than ever, I’d not hesitate to go back to the Ledbury and would recommend it to everyone. It’s well worth the price!