I am totally having a fashion flashback! I’ve been seeing these colored jeans everywhere. Is this a trend anyone wants to pick up on and follow? I kept thinking – no way! I’ve been into adding color into my wardrobe, but more in the way of tops, dresses, maybe skirts. But on the bottom? In DENIM? No way…

But I just suddenly remembered – I HAD PURPLE JEANS IN HIGH SCHOOL. From The Limited. That I hand-hemmed to perfection. I LOVED those jeans. How could I have forgotten?

I guess this is another sign of age – that you are around long enough for the trend to come back a second time. And I think it’s probably a pretty good rule that if you were old enough to actually partake of the trend the first time around — you are too old to try it again the second time!

Fashion Friday--by Christina: Colored Jeans During brunch on Sunday with a group of friends, a discussion was started about the trend of colored jeans.  While colored jeans were around all summer and seem to be staying for the fall, we are still all pondering if this is a trend worth investing in. I am personally a fan of this trend and remember wearing my colored Girbaud jeans back in 1990.  However, I do have a concern. Designer Michael Kors has said that if you were around the first tim … Read More

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