I just came across a wonderful blogpost, based on this viral video of a cat. Like the last time I posted a viral video, trust me, this one is really worth it. You can check out the entire post here, if you’d like. But this is what I found to be the most important insight the author had:

Here was this cat, in his hour of presumed privacy, barking away like a German shepherd. What was he thinking? Was he trying to protect the house? Did he have some kind transspecies issue, i.e., inside, he was secretly a dog? Or was he barking—like so many dogs do—just for the joy of it? This was what it felt like to me. Then again, I am not a cat.

The important part came when the cat realized that his owner was taping him and began instantly to meow. I wanted to say, “Don’t change yourself for anybody! Bark it up! Be different! Be yourself!”

Hilarious to think that animals may show a different side when they think no one is looking. But also interesting to think about how this ties into our human personas and the idea that there are aspects of ourselves that we only let out when no one is looking. Do we consider these our guilty pleasures? Like sitting down to watch Real Housewives with an open pint of Ben & Jerry’s, knowing you will polish it off by the end of the hour-long episode. Or singing Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” alone in the shower with no one else around. The stuff we do for joy in private, or even the hurts we only let ourselves feel in private. Like crying over the silly tiff you had with the mean lady in the cereal aisle at Trader Joe’s. All of the private moments that we don’t want anyone else to see – not even our closest loved ones – how does that all fit into the whole of who we are? Something to think about.

I’m going to look into installing a puppy cam in my house to see what Marley’s doing when I’m not around….