Here it is, my Spiceladies (and Spicestalkers, if you exist). An image of my solitary life. My patio cafe table, just assembled today, and a salmon dinner for one. I bravely ventured out for my solo meal, despite the fact that my balcony is a bit of a stage, overlooking the pool, where gaggles of young and sunny folk have been partying all day. I should have felt self-conscious, that they would look up and judge my solitude, while the dozen of them are partaking in a shared meal just below. But, I built my table today. And the weather is lovely for al fresco dining. And this is MY balcony for goodness’ sake!

The prelude to this image, is the task of building the table. The top is a very heavy marble mosaic. Instructions recommend that assembly be undertaken by Two Adults. However, in my life, it’s just me and my mini-poodle. He did a heroic job of providing moral support and mostly succeeded in staying out of my way so he didn’t get hurt. The task was a bit unwieldy, but, as you can see from the photo – ultimately successful! I have become very good at building things that are recommended to be assembled by Two Adults. My leaning shelves. My Weber grill! That actually took about five hours. After which I discovered that, if I had bought it from Ace Hardware, instead of Home Depot, they would have assembled it for free. Anyway, just to say, I’ve gotten good at going solo.

I am not sharing this to make you feel sad for me! The fact that I’m willing to share publicly reflects that I’m completely content and, even, happy with this state. In fact, I am trying to find ways to remind myself that two or more still really is better than one.

I rewatched About a Boy last night and tried not to identify with the caddish Hugh Grant character who was all about himself with no attachments, and instead sympathize with the boy, who really believed that more was better than one, even with all the complications and imperfections he had to accept in those relationships.

I don’t know. One is easy. And surprisingly angst-free. However, if you look back at my photo above, I bought two chairs for my cafe table…