Come on Spice Sisters, post something already! I’m all alone here, typing into the vast universe from my lonely outpost hundreds of miles away….can anyone here me? Does anyone have anything to say to me? To entertain me? Educate me?

Anyway, here is just a brief post to tell you all that I am a complete convert to paid home cleaning service. Amazing. It’s like a whole new apartment. They even emptied my dishwasher and figured out where to put the dishes!! And changed my sheets and threw the old ones in the wash before leaving! I’m sure I’ll find some other amazing clean corner of my apartment that has yet to reveal itself to me. I would never be able to get this place this clean on my own…I can’t explain what a joy it is to have this place so lovely and sparkly. Worth every penny.

Come visit! I want to show off my sparkling clean apartment!!