MacchaMe has alluded to her online shopping obsession several times in the past, but I’m pretty sure my recent activity may match or surpass.

Case in point #1: May credit card activity: five separate orders (two were in one day, because I exceeded the five item limit and had to break my order into two separate orders.), two orders, and two orders (both in the same day, but one was from little boden for baby clothes, and the other was regular boden for me). That’s nine online shopping orders, averaging over $100 per order. Yeah. I dropped a grand on online shopping in one month. Someone stop me! Please.

Case in point #2: Tonight, I had to pull up just one last time before logging off, and I am finding myself considering buying a 21 day cleanse diet regimen they are offering. For a mere $350. But! It includes shake mixes that would replace breakfast and dinner. Twenty-one days of breakfast and dinner for $350? Put it like that, and it’s kind of bargain! I have never done a cleanse before and I find myself intrigued by this plan because it’s not technically a fast or a liquid cleanse in that it includes actual food. The idea of a cleanse is something that I’ve considered trying from time to time. And here is where the genius of comes in and gets me, translating my every fleeting consumer whim into an actual product I can purchase. Hmmm…it’d be nice to have some scented candles…oh, fancy smelling ones on sale at Better stock up! That was from last night. To be fair, I plan to give some away as presents. But, we’re talking nearly $200 on candles. Seriously. This probably counts as my Case in point #3.

The thing is, over past few weeks, I really have been thinking about trying out alternative healing methods – maybe acupuncture? Balance my chakras? Ok, I do draw the line at hydro-colonics – THAT is something I would never entertain. But. What about a priobiotic, hormone-balancing, stress-relieving, food replacement cleanse program! Great idea!

So, I’ve been checking out ingredients and reviews for The Clean Program. It seems reputable enough, given that it’s just another LA-doctor created, non-FDA approved program. But the ingredients and supplements do seem to be more natural and balanced. The program has been profiled by Gwyneth on Goop, and endorsed by Demi Moore. Well, there you go, then! I tried to find negative reviews, but all I could find was people saying this program made them feel more energetic, productive, clear headed, healthy…and helped them lose weight. So here I am, gullible consumer that I am, thinking, hey it can’t hurt to try! And how could I go wrong, because is offering this deal at nearly $100 off the regular price! I better go check out before the other online shoppers buy them out!