I am only a fashionista in my private fantasies, but I do check in on The Sartorialist regularly. He is able to capture some amazing real life street shots of regular people as well as fashion-types and their different style choices. I guess I do it in part that I might eventually absorb some of that fashion sense and develop a style of my own. A few months ago, he posted several photos of a particular color combination he saw throughout London. See the posts from February 22nd under the title “On the Street, London Color Story, London.” I have a dress that’s very close the blues he saw…and I began to consider the possibility that I could pull off pairing it with the golden yellow color, too:

From "The Sartorialist"

So, I got this great idea that I was going to find a pair of tights in golden yellow to wear with my royal blue dress. I’ve been thinking about it for months. Finally now, it’s dress and tights weather and just last week, I stopped at American Apparel to see of they had a tights in this crazy yellow. Of course, they did. And here is the result: golden yellow tights, royal blue jersey dress, topped with a light grey cotton linen cardigan (it is spring in Chicago after all – temperatures ranging from 75F to 55F in four hour span). Unfortunately, the lighting in this photo is bad, and you can’t quite see the vividness of the colors. But trust me, it was bright. To top off the look, I carried my turquoise bag! I took this look all over Chicago today, running errands and going to the spa – a spring day off! I’m fairly certain that this look got me some extra attention.


What I learned from this experience was that a little fashion daring can be fun. There is something about wearing bright colors that puts an extra spring in your step and makes you feel a bit of sunshine your heart. You will have to see it someday in person to understand the full effect. So, judge me if you want, but it was fun!