I am an devoted lover of breakfast foods, many of which are not good for me – pancakes, french toast, bacon, muffins, donuts, bagels, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Just writing that sentence made me hungry.  I’m a sucker for anything baked that you can put butter or syrup on.  Although I adore eggs, I don’t have time to make them every morning and buying an egg sandwich every day is too expensive (and would take the thrill out of Egg Sandwich Friday, my weekly ritual!).  Cereal is my daily dinner option so I do not touch it for breakfast.  I’m so backwards!  I need something easy to eat, healthy and does not require much planning or thought.  Sorry, but I am always ten minutes behind schedule.  I don’t have time for elaborate or time consuming breakfast options.

As much as I wish I could embrace smarter options like yogurt and oatmeal and fruit, they don’t appeal to me.  Fruit alone is not filling enough and lacks protein.  Yogurt is icky – I’ve tried on and off over the years to eat more than one spoonful of yogurt in one sitting with no success.  Oatmeal just looks like gruel – another food I’ve tried to love over and over again but just can’t.  So, out of sheer laziness, I pick up a slice of reduced fat cinnamon swirl coffee cake from Starbucks with my toffee nut latte (now decaf!).  I know I know . . . more baked goods, but the words “reduced fat” tricks my mind into thinking I am getting something good for me.  It IS one of the items in the display case with the least calories.  This has been my almost daily routine for about 6 years now.  I want to break the habit but I am weak.

Fast forward to last Friday, when I was working at another client site in Brooklyn.  I had purchased a buttered wheat bagel from Dunkin Donuts (another item I’ve tricked myself into thinking is healthy – look it’s made of wheat!), when one of the client personnel said “Hey, we have oatmeal from McDonalds.  You have to have one it’s delicious.  There’s fruit in it too!”  Before I could protest, he left the room to fetch one for me and shoved it in my hands.  I’m supposed to be there fostering a positive working relationship, right?  How was I supposed to say no?  So I decided to take the oatmeal, at least give it one taste and try and sneak my bagel on the side.

But, you know what?  I LOVED IT.  I picked out the raisins and cranberries (wrinkled fruit just ain’t right, folks), kept in the bits of green apples and ate away!  There were yummy hints of maple and brown sugar, it was not super gloppy or wet, and the crunchy apple pieces were lovely.  I devoured every last oatmealy bite!

You are not wanted here raisins and cranberries! I banish you from my belly!

See the bottom of the cup is empty?  I ate it all!  But those damn raisins and cranberries just had to go.  I am so proud of McDonalds for really coming through with the healthy options.  Per the commercial, this breakfast is under 300 calories.  Perfectly paired with my medium iced decaf skim caramel latte!!!  Did I also mention I’m a sugar addict?  Haha!  I think i may actually walk a block out of my way to get this oatmeal for breakfast now.  Better than a coffee cake right? 🙂 Bada bah bah baaaah . . . !