I like it cold on the outside, warm and cozy on the inside…. sleeping temperature that is.  And lately, the warmer temperature has just left my down alternative comforter undesirable.  I avoid opening windows because the double decker Big Apple tour bus passes by every ten minutes and I don’t need to hear anymore about the UN nor do I need to ingest the dirty fumes from the bus.  In the summer, my apartment’s 30+ year old central air conditioning doesn’t quite cool but just keeps it not too hot.   I knew I had to get some alternative bedding before it gets any warmer and a quilt seemed like the perfect solution.

Is it just me or are most quilts on the stiff side?  That’s what I thought when I did some touching at conventional bedding places like Bed Bath, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, even checked out TJ Maxx.   Although I know its the  traditional type, but all those patchwork quilts makes me feel like I need to sleep in a log cabin with Abe Lincoln.  While the floral ones (usually pink) made me feel like I had to be 80 years old and wear perfume that smelled like roses ( no offense to those that do).

Cabin Lodge Mini Quilt Set from Overstock.com

So my wants are simple: soft, modern, vibrant colors but too girly, as requested by he who shares my bed, machine washable and ready for my bi-monthly washings.

I spent hours online, Garnet Hill, The Company Store, Layla Grayce, Overstock.com, but either the price, pattern, color, or inability to touch led to no winners.  Finally, one day I went West Elm for some touching and it sure was pleasant! West Elm, definitely has the softest quilts I’ve felt, especially their “Hand-Block” varieties and the Ruffled-Circle.  (Though the Bubbles Quilt, not so much.) However, I was skeptical of the quality, the threading looked like it will come loose after two washes, barely lasting me through the season.

Ruffled-Circle Quilt + Shams

Soft but not durable

I was ready to splurge on the questionable West Elm Ruffled-Circle pictured above when I decided to search “quilt” in Apartment Therapy and  I stumbled upon a post on New DwellStudio Bedding for Target. HELLO modern, vibrant colors! I quickly looked up this bedding on Target.com and it was on sale for $56 bucks with free shipping but was this going to be like sleeping under cardboard?  For less than $60 and free return, I thought it was worth checking it out.

Well, from the picture below, you can see the happy ending here.  Although not as soft as Ruffled-Circle, it is surprisingly decent to touch. Plus, I really love the design and colors!

Perfect Temperature!