Burgers and fries are American comfort food.  Everyone remembers being a little kid and going to a McDonalds or a Burger King for a hamburger and french fries.  It seems like so many restaurants are making specialty gourmet burgers now (and for a ridiculous price), but I think there’s nothing like keeping it simple.

I’ve had a million orders of burgers and fries in my lifetime, but I’ve never had Five Guys.  I feel like all of a sudden everyone was talking about Five Guys after Obama went to one in the DC area.  Many of my friends and Spices swear by the west coast chain In-and-Out but I was thoroughly unimpressed by my experience there.  Near my office, my usual go-to burger place is Goodburger.  It’s fast, and relatively fresh tasting.  Not your typical fast food. On this day, I was working out of the office at a client site in Brooklyn.  The topic of Five Guys came up and everyone’s eyes lit up like it was Christmas.  I mentioned I had never tried it and next thing I knew the food was sitting in front of me.  I was told to get the burger with two patties, since one patty was not going to be enough.

Restaurant Name Five Guys Burgers and Fries
Website http://www.fiveguys.com
Location 750 locations in 40 states and Canada
Cuisine Fast food – burgers and fries
Order  Hamburger with pickles and ketchup, fries and Sprite (not very elaborate but the way I like it)
Culinary Experience(hot/cold, wet/dry, hands/fork) Hot/Dry/Hands
Service Cannot comment on the service, since we placed a large order and someone went to pick it up.
Cost  I did not pay for lunch, but if I did, it would have cost $13.47
Satisfaction Hmm . . . was I satisfied?  I think so.  When I was finished I was so stuffed that I was crossing the line full to “I fell gross I think I need to purge” full.  Too much food – and I shared my fries.  But the patties were very flavorful and fresh tasting.  Next time, one patty.  And yes, there will be a next time!