Quick lunchtime post, in honor of my using my bento for the first time in months. On the menu: strawberries, rice crackers, and-the most important-Darjeeling Tea and Ginger Cured Smoked Salmon from Charlie Trotter. Intriguing, no? I saw it at Whole Foods, I just had to try! It’s a very subtle flavor. A bit sweet actually. And not very salty like most smoked salmon can be. Better to eat on its own than with the cracker, because the flavor gets overpowered very easily.


Do note that no cooking was involved in today’s lunch. I have resigned myself to the fact that, in order to not feel like a failure at my job requires a minimum of 70 hours a week. And I am just not one of those women who can do everything. I wish I were, but I’m just not.

So, prepared foods, hired cleaning, daycare for my dog. I don’t love it. And pray for this phase of my life to be over soon.