I turned on the TV last night for a few minutes of background noise before bed when the special report broke into Celebrity Apprentice.  My thoughts in this order were this:

  • Wow, after all this time, they finally got him.  Wow.  Killed or captured?  I guess we’ll find out soon enough.
  • This press conference has been in the works all day.  Excellent planning on Obama’s part to stick it to Trump by planning this press conference at night on a Sunday so that it will interrupt Celebrity Apprentice.  Gobama!
  • Man, when is Obama coming out?  How much longer do I have to stay up to hear this?  Get on with the show and let me get to bed!  Hubbo said “come on and turn the TV off, we’ll hear all about it in the morning” but I did not want to wait.  Like a good nosy-body, I needed all the info as soon as it was available.
  • Obama is killed by US troops in a targeted mission.  Interesting.  And Americans wonder why we do not have more insight into military operations . . . this is why!  Can’t sneak attack someone if they know you’re coming.  I have to admit, and I may be the only one to admit this, but I was hoping that he was captured and not killed.  It would have been nice to see him restrained and actually “caught” after he’s been hiding all this time.  This morning we find out he’d actually been living in the lap of luxury and not sleeping in a dirty cave.
  • I wonder if his death brings any comfort at all to the families of loved ones killed on 9/11.  I personally did not know any of the victims, so I cannot imagine the feelings of loss, but I am a New Yorker.  This is my city.  I still clearly remember the feelings of panic that day – trying to call family and friends and the cell towers not working; being stranded away from home when public transportation shut down and making the long trek home by any means possible; wondering if you should keep working or stop everything and watch TV; crying and not being fully able to articulate why.  Does retribution of this kind being peace or comfort?  Does ending a human life ever equate to justice?  Not sure where I stand on this and I hope I am never in a position to have to find out.
  • I hope this event brings a renewed sense of purpose and pride to the construction effort at Ground Zero.  As many of you know, I had the privilege to don a hard hat and actually tour the WTC site and make it all the way up to the 34th floor of the new Tower One for a project for work.  I hope to visit there again soon!  Those men and women have a very important task and the world is watching.
  • Hmm . . . he’s dead and no Americans were killed in the process.  Seems almost like a miracle, or a Hollywood movie.  Bin Laden reportedly used his wife as a human shield.  More Hollywood theatrics.  I wonder if the legend of how Bin Laden was brought down will grow as the days go on.
  • US troops confirmed it was Bin Laden and the US government had his DNA on file for when he was captured/killed for confirmation.  Hmm again.  The US has possession his body.  Ok good.  But they “buried” him within 24 hours per Muslim law and he was buried at sea.  Hmm once more.  I really don’t want to sound like the skeptic but I really hope the US troops double and triple checked to make sure they had the right man.  Weren’t there reports in the past of men spotted in the area that looked like Bin Laden, but not actually him?  And now the body is gone?  Really?  I hope for Obama’s sake that the US did get the right man, did their homework, and confirmed with no uncertainly that the man they “buried” was Bin Laden.  It would be a catastrophe if somewhere down the line it was discovered that in fact the US was fooled by mistaken identity.  As much as it’s in my nature to want to see proof, I do not think we need to see photos of a dead body in the media.  So we have no choice but to trust Obama and take his word for it.
  • By no means do I feel any safer.  There’s sure to be a long line of Taliban members waiting to take Bin Laden’s place and start a revenge mission on the US.  It’s not over, and I don’t know why people think it is.