Like mrscannoli, my husband and I are huge fans of the Food Network. We have our favorite TV chefs like Ina Garten, Tyler Florence, Guy Fieri (not so much his food but his personality). Actually, my husband has a bit of a man-crush on Tyler Florence; he just LOVES Tyler’s food. We’ve tried many of Tyler’s recipes and have only been disappointed once or twice.

For a long time, my husband wanted to make Tyler’s Berry Scones with Orange Honey Butter. Since yesterday was the Royal wedding, we decided to ‘celebrate’ it by making this ultimate British afternoon tea treat.

The recipe was surprisingly simple. The only thing was that using one quart of heavy cream, we ended up with a lot of butter and buttermilk. Oh well, guess we would just HAVE TO make a couple more batches of scones then! The butter has a hint of orange flavor and lightly sweetened with the honey. The majority of the honey sweetness ended up in the buttermilk, but was not overpowering. The only things we changed was that we used dried blueberries and cranberries instead of fresh berries, and we didn’t sprinkle more sugar on top of the scones. The scones came out very nice and soft in the middle, and not too sweet. We slathered some orange honey butter onto the warm scones and the butter just melted, releasing more of its flavor. How can you not salivate over this image?! OK, so it’s not the traditional scones with clotted cream and jam, but hey, who cares?! It was DE-licious!!

Mixed Berry Scones

Mixed berry scones with orange honey butter. Simply scrumptious!!

For dinner, we made pork schnitzel with roasted potatoes, and roasted vegetables with orzo. Very simple but tasty. Not British, but so much more satisfying!

Schnitzel with roasted potatoes and roasted vegetables with orzo

A simple, but satisfyingly tummy-filling meal