I realized I left my gym bag at home this morning, so at lunch I decided to walk over to the Sports Authority to buy the cheapest workout gear i could find. I went straight to the sale racks at back and got a pair of sweatpants, sports bra and socks for 29 bucks! Not a bad deal! On my way back i stopped at Sensebowl for lunch since it was near by:

Restaurant Name Sensebowl
Website http://sensebowl.com/
Location Midtown East
Cuisine Asian to go, described by its owner as “Chipotle meets Momofuku”
Order  Brown rice with shredded beef, mushrooms, bok choy and snow peas with the house dressing on the side.
Culinary Experience(hot/cold, wet/dry, hands/fork) Hot/Wet/Fork
Service Assembly line – Where do I start? First they had no shrimp (they never have any shrimp!) then they hold on to your food for WAY to long because although it’s technically an assembly line, there’s only one guy assigned to it during the lunch hour. I could feel my food getting cold while my rice and beef sat out in line with 5 other bowls in front of it waiting for the rest of my order to be added. Not cool. Then they  ran out of magic sprinkles! You should have seen the look of disappointment in my face.  All in all Sensebowl is a little too laid back with their service for my liking but…
Cost  $9.00
Satisfaction …The food was good! Never had the shredded beef before and it was very tasty. The house dressing is very good…makes me wonder how many calories are in it. Maybe it’s better not to know.