Last month, mrscannoli blogged about going back to baking and one of the things she made was red velvet cupcakes with mascarpone frosting. While I didn’t get to taste one of those delicious morsels myself, I’ve heard the saliva-inducing reviews from the other Spices.

Now, I’ve baked red velvet cupcakes a few times before. But for some reason, I was only successful the first time; all other subsequent attempts came out all wrong and I had no clue why. Mainly, the color did not turn out nice and red, but an ugly mauve. And sometimes even the cake itself was not nice and moist (nyuchick’s favorite word :D) even though I used the same recipe. I’ve tried changing to different brands for the various ingredients, but still no luck. So, finally, I decided to fork out a hefty £9 for a small container of powder red food coloring (used in the culinary school where I’ve taken classes) to see if that will solve my problem.

I finally got around to testing out this red food powder yesterday, as it was my Mom’s birthday. I decided to bake a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting (will try the mascarpone frosting next time!) topped with toasted dessicated coconut. I was anxious about how the cake will come out but it was perfect! The color was a bright red and the cake was airy and moist. Adding the toasted coconuts really adds another dimension to the flavor and taste. My Mom had seconds and even my Dad, who does not like sweets at all, ate a small piece. I am so happy that I finally made a delicious red velvet cake!

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Piece of Cake!