I’ve spent my share of time and money on online flash sales.  I wouldn’t say I am obsessed with them but they have become a primary source for my shopping.  If I needed a new cross-body or a cute dress, I go straight to all my favorite sites.  Bored on the bus?  I will start my sale app on the phone and take a look (maybe purchase).  I consistently visit some sites, and occasionally browse through others.  My friends and I even considered about going into the business of flash sale. The idea seemed simple enough and look at the founders of Gilt.  But boy is that market saturated!  Did you know there are specific sites for wedding gowns, kids/babies (Zulily and Totsy), wines, music, and men’s fashion in India?  (I guess men in India like some good bargains too)

I really shouldn’t be anymore, but each month I find myself shocked at the items that go “on sale.”  Shocker of the week:  Buy your Wedding Day on Gilt City.

Wedding for party of 100 at Del Posto. A lovely four course dinner, with all the drinks your guests desire. Includes a live band and we even throw in a cake!  All just for $30,000!

The bargain tickle your fancy?  Better think quick.  Put it in your cart while you consider about a minute longer.  Read the fine prints.

Awww, its all sold out.  Better luck next time.