Having baked regular bread and pizzas many times already, my husband and I decided to be more adventurous and make something different this time. Flipping through my baking bibles, Dough and Crust cookbooks, from my week-long bake-a-thon last June, one particular picture caught our eyes. It was a golden brown, saliva-inducing brioche. While the recipe is challenging, we were not put off. In fact, we looked forward to the challenge. After all, good things come to those who wait and patience is a virtue, right?

Brioche requires resting time of 14-16 hours, and a further proving time of 2.5 hours. It would take a whole day to make this bread! So, was the time and effort worth it? It’s a resounding YES!!! It came out so soft and airy, it just melts in your mouth (well, that could just be from all the butter that’s in the bread, but we like to think that it’s from our efforts!). Having literally tasted the success of this challenge, what’s on our agenda next? Maybe croissants or pain au chocolate…….

Delicious golden brown brioche. Doesnt it look amazing?!