Cross body bags are all the rage these days and have become the ultimate fashion must have for Spring. A few weeks ago I became obsessed with them and concluded I just had to have one. With two kids, I need my hands free as much as possible (the reasonableness argument) but at the same time I don’t want a “mommy bag” YKWIM? (the vanity reality) The problem was which one?!

I had no idea, but what I did know:

It had to be functional and fun
It had to be something I could imagine draping along my body for at least 2 summers without getting bored
It had to be structured. (my personal preference)
It couldn’t have one of those top handle thingymagigs. I hate that
and most importantly, it  had to reflect a part of me, whether real or imagined.

So with the help of my dearest MacchaMe, here’s my short list:

1) Rebecca Minkoff – Neon Nights  (to channel my inner “waif” – Imagine me sucking in my cheeks and stomach for this one)


2)  Rebecca Minkoff – Main Squeeze (to channel my inner “badass”)


3) Mulberry – Mila (To channel my long retired inner “party girl”)

4)  Kate Spade – Essex Scout (To channel my inner “responsible woman” with timeless class and style – straight laced with a dash of daring )

5) Chloe – Marcie Mini (To channel my inner “teenager” – fun, free and playful)

6) Gucci – Snaffle Bit (To channel my inner “fashionista” )


and last but definitely not the least

7) Chloe – Marcie Regular (To channel my “current reality” – A mom who needs to carry around diapers and distractions for my entourage, but wants to look at my bag and say “ahh I still recognize myself in the midst of all this chaos”)