I always used the word “workaholic” to tease friends who worked a lot. So many of us have jobs that demand countless hours, keeping us at the office way past quitting time. I definitely considered it a negative to be a workaholic. Tonight, I was explaining to someone how many hours I typically worked and he called me a “workaholic.” And it made me think…I really AM a workaholic. That I may actually have a real addiction to work. Yes, I work a lot, but I like it. After drinks today, I headed back to the office, did a bit more work, then headed home. And I felt happy. It was a busy day of work – I checked off multiple items from my to do list, successfully solved problems and answered questions. The addiction to work is the addiction to the sense of accomplishment. It’s one of the parts of life where there is a clear cut cause and effect. I work hard, I do well, I am rewarded. Well, the reward part doesn’t always happen. But it often does. Even if it’s just that sense of getting something done and done well. How great is that?

So, what to do? I really do want to balance my life – have more of a social life – develop interests and hobbies – build a deeper social network. But how to cut back on working when I am so addicted??