I ran into my local supermarket a few weeks ago to grab some milk, and did a double-take at a woman holding a scanner in her hand, as she pointed it to a bag of cat food.  My first thought was, “Now people are registering at the grocery store?!” …my second thought was, “Please don’t let me become the woman who registers for cat food in lieu of a wedding registry.”

I went for a more leisurely grocery shopping trip yesterday, and a giant kiosk right by the entrance caught my eye. It’s those scanners! Wait, there are grocery bags hanging here…wait, these scanners aren’t for registering. They are for…shopping, scanning, and bagging as you go!  BRILLIANT!  I swiped my member card (more on that later), grabbed the flashing scanner, and took off down produce, with a sharp left to avoid the bakery :/


As I zapped my items with the scanner, I found a few things to be really advantageous – I immediately saw the price of what I scanned, and a running total.  Most who know me know that when it comes to shopping (of any kind), I’m very much an impulse buyer, and often don’t find out the price of something until I’m at the register.  It’s a habit I’m working on trying to break.  Seeing the price of things really kept me aware of how much I was spending, so it would be great to see these in stores where I blindly spend – I’m talking to you, Sephora and Target!

It’s probably also no surprise that I don’t clip coupons.  This is a habit I’m trying to get into.  Why not save a couple of  bucks a week?  Especially since it helps balance my starbucks addiction. I’ve also started keeping my Bed Bath & Beyond  and Costco coupons right by my door, so I grab them on my way out. Anyway, back to the nifty scanner – it also queued up and applied coupons based on my previous purchases, as stalked…I mean, tracked, by my member card.

I think the benefit I found most useful, though, was that I bagged my groceries as I went along, the way I wanted them. I don’t like my greek yogurt to be bagged haphazardly with boxes that could pierce the foil cover!  I don’t like my  milk,  juice and water all in one bag!  Too heavy!  I don’t want one bag with just bananas in it!  Too light!  The ability to  bag my  items the way I wanted to, and that I could pay by handing over the scanner to the cashier, swipe my card, and fly  through  checkout within a matter of seconds, made grocery shopping a much more enjoyable chore for me.

My Beautifully Bagged Booty!

When I mentioned this to mrscannoli earlier today, (she and I often share the same supermarket), her  first thought was “I think it’s an opportunity to steal.” (She’s not an auditor for nothing, folks). I also had the same thought, and in fact, did get some “What the hell are you doing, putting stuff in bags?” looks from fellow shoppers. I would hope that  the honor system and random security checks at checkout would allow for this to continue to be a successful way to make people’s lives more convenient!