It’s no surprise I do a lot of cooking and I do look to the internet for inspiration, but I am also a suck for a hard cover cookbook.  Over the last 10 years, I’ve collected a bunch of them and in our house, I’ve been using a small folding bookshelf from Pier 1 circa 2001 to store/display them (actually it was Hubbo’s from his old apartment and I inherited it).  Along with the dozens of cooking magazines that I buy at the checkout line, it’s becoming a corner of clutter nightmare.

I wanted to get something that was functional but also nice for the kitchen.  Not a plain ol’ Ikea bookshelf, but nothing too decorative.  Plus I did not want to spend a fortune.  I was looking through the Ballad Designs site around the holiday and I saw this iron bookshelf for $99! I liked it a lot because it looked like something you’d find at the library.  And a shelf of pretty cookbooks is my kind of library!  But of course I waited because I wanted to spend money on gifts for OTHERS.  Imagine that.  So I waited and it went back to full price of $169.  I’ve been checking on and off waiting for it to go on sale again and no luck.  I’ve searched the internet for something cheap and similar and again, no luck.

Then I started to worry that if I waited too long, it would be sold out or discontinued!  So I bit the bullet and ordered it last week.  I got it in black, since I thought white would not match anything in my kitchen.

The instructions to assemble it were easy, it was a bunch of screws that needed an allen key (provided).  Man oh man, why do companies insist we assemble furniture with these damn annoying tools?  It was hard to get into the corners where the screws were and it would have taken a third of the time if there were traditional screws involved.  I think it took about 45 minutes in total since some of the screws were hard to get to and I did not exactly rush to finish it.  The website reviews say it took one person 8 hours over 3 days to assemble.  Don’t understand that at all.  Furniture assembly is not rocket science, people!

Here’s a before and after of the space:

BEFORE: Piling things on the floor is not a great idea. Ever. Clutter disaster.

AFTER: Lovely! Easy to read and grab. And less clutter! I do have to go through and toss all the magazines on the bottom shelf. Also added a photo of my Spices from last year's birthday cooking event for me and Maccha.

Now this is what I call the classics!