As you know I have been thinking of getting a keratin treatment to say goodbye temporarily to frizz and to speed up my daily routine.  Funny enough, a friend at work pointed out that there was an article in the Wall Street Journal this week on the different types of hair treatments, the cost, the ingredients used, etc.  Why would such an article be in the Wall Street Journal?  Because of this lovely excerpt:

“Some image consultants say professional women with lots of curls often feel pressured to tame them for work. “The women who have the power spots in banking and hedge funds and all of that never wear their hair to extremes,” says Susan Sommers, a New York business-image coach who has advised employees at companies including Deloitte and Colgate-Palmolive Co. Their hair isn’t too straight, too long or too curly. “People who are being groomed for high potential, and people who are handling a lot of money, have overseers who really understand that they can’t look unkempt or ungroomed,” she says.”

EXCUSE ME???  Sorry, Wall Street Journal, but I doubt that is the reason why women want keratin treatments.  At least not this woman!  Agree or disagree?

Read the entire article here.