Official Peru post two. Or is it three? There are so many things to share…I haven’t yet talked about the food! Sooo amazing. Peruvian ceviche is delicious! And they make some pretty good cocktails, too.

But. There is one particular non-fish meal I’d like to share about first. It was like being an Andrew Zimmern in training. Yes, bizarre foods. Here is a photo of the main course. Can you guess what it is?


Starting to see it? Are you getting just a little nervous yet? Oh, I feel a little bad. I can’t quite find the words. Let me just show you another photo:


I’m so sorry if you have ever had a pet guinea pig! I know, they are cute. But in Peru, they are known as good eats! They domesticated them hundreds of years ago to raise as food! Of course we had to try this local delicacy!

How did it taste? Not chicken… Maybe a bit more like duck. Just mildly gamey. The meat was pretty dark. Roasted. Note the glistening skin. Looks almost like roast pork? Not so much. The skin was actually completely leathery and not at all edible.

The photo of the live guinea pigs? Our tour guide took us to a traditionally styled Peruvian home in one of the small tourist towns. In the kitchen – and he said this is typical custom – dozens of these little buggers running around on the dirt floor, by the wood burning stove. I’m not sure if these were being raised to eventually be eaten. There were one or two really cute baby ones. And then a few cats roaming among them, too.

When we walked into the home, the whole gang of them rushed over to see what was coming in. All the while squeaking, “Cuy! Cuy!” Which also happens to be the name for them, too.

Two days later, we went to have our Cuy meal. And so. I have eaten guinea pig.