New York City got its first peek at Spring this past Friday.  It reached over 70 degrees and it was absolutely beautiful.  What made this day even more beautiful was that nyuchick and I, in rare form, was able to get out of work at 5 on the dot (in case you didn’t know, we work together!).  We were so flabbergasted at seeing daylight after work, we knew we had to take full advantage of this occasion.  So we strolled up Madison Avenue for a trip of indulgence.

To explain our first stop, you must learn that usually at this hour in the office, a typical conversation between nyuchick and I would be:

MacchaMe:  Gary just started knocking on my door and won’t stop

nyuchick: Gary just punched me in the stomach!

MacchaMe:  How rude, we need to get rid of Gary

[nyuchick and MacchaMe proceeds to eat a snack.]

To explain this conversation, Gary is our hunger pain nemesis, derived from the word hungry –> hungAry —> Gary!  (I know, it doesn’t quite make any sense).

Anyway, making my point unnecessarily long: in the office or not, we needed a snack!

Our first stop was on 59th street at Macaron Café.  I was shocked to learn that nyuchick never tried a french macaron before because she had always associated them with macarOOns, which she was not crazy about.  Who knew what a big difference an extra O made!  I was very excited to see her try these sweets.  The cafe was small but filled with a large variety of round meringue treats, arranged beautifully behind a glass pane in many different colors.  It seemed like they had at least a dozen flavors!  My eyes jumped immediately to the unique flavor of honey lavender and nyuchick jumped immediately to what she knows best is good in everything: Nutella.  As we are both peanut butter junkies, we decided to get that to share.

Honey Lavender


Peanut Butter

The flavor of lavender was unfamiliar to me and was so delightedly intense that I didn’t want my two bites to finish.  The honey flavor was mild against the lavender but blended quite well.  However, I thought that texture of these macarons were very dense.  I typically like my macarons very light and delicate.  Although I did not prefer the dense texture, I did not think a lighter macaron would have brought out the nice intensity of the lavender flavor.  The peanut butter also had the same dense texture but with a gooey PB filling.  We were more intrigued why it was colored teal green for peanut butter.  I had decided that despite the density, I would return to try other flavors.  (I will let nyuchick speak to her thoughts on these treats.)

Energized by sugar, we continued north on Madison.

Our next stop was the family business of a fellow New Yorker, David Yurman, on 63rd Street.   Our visit started out really as an errand, cleaning nyuchick’s ring.  I said I would tag along to window shop.  You must know, I am a ring girl.  Rings are the only jewelry I wear and I love wearing them.  Ever since my apartment was robbed several years ago and I lost my mini collection of rings, including my beloved Bulgari ring, I’ve been trying to rebuild one.  Yurman has always been a contender but I never made the jump.  Browsing online, I could never figure out what kind of stone I liked.  Diamonds are my first choice but I didn’t want this to be mistaken for a certain type of ring.  I also know I don’t like anything too big. What better than to browse in person?

I was eyeing the Noblesse for its size and its single band.  The salesman, Keith, was extremely nice and let me tried on every possible stone in this style.  The store definitely had more variety of stones than what was online.  After narrowing it down to four stones from about nine, I looked to nyuchick.  For those of you who know me, you know that 1) I have trouble making decisions and 2) I like to “forever” research before making any purchases and do a lot of “should I? Should I not?”.   Having nyuchick there with me, she helped me decide on one stone in record time.  It felt easy!   As I was watching nyuchick give her autograph to the salesman for her purchase, I screamed, “I’ll take it too!”  I am not sure if it was seeing daylight after work, the beautiful weather, or the intense lavender meringues, I made an impulse buy and it felt great. No, it felt awesome!


Noblesse in Prasiolite