Getty Images / Princess Diana Archive / Jayne Fincher

I wonder if the Kate and William wedding is going to match the memory and myth of Princess Diana’s wedding. I can’t believe that was as long ago as 1981! I have vague memories of watching it live, and then, stronger memories of seeing the Time magazine photos, and subsequent TV movies about their courtship. It was all so romantic and dreamy. This wedding for me is like a melancholy ghost of a reminder of the innocence represented by that wedding so long ago. With the son such the image of the mother – it is hard not to see him and be reminded of her and think of the whole arc of her story – the dream of a Princess, to the demise of the marriage, to the tragedy of death, and the ugliness of the rumors throughout. I am not able to think of this wedding with the same sense of hope and innocence I attribute to the Diana Charles wedding. Or maybe it is not that the world has changed so much, but that my perspective has changed over the last thirty years.

Still, I wonder if this wedding will be the same televised spectacle? Or will the Royal Family attempt to keep this one more private? More importantly – if it is televised this time, will I watch? How closely has everyone else been following this story? Who has googled “Kate Middleton”? Will Kate’s hairstyle soon look as dated as Diana’s feathery bob? I want to hear from our London Spice: what kind of hype are they seeing at the epicenter? Do we know anyone who knows someone who knows someone who has been invited to the festivities? Please share!