My husband and I have been meaning to have one of his friends and the friend’s girlfriend over for dinner.  Conflicting schedules have made penning down a date difficult.  We finally settled on a date after months of going back and forth.

So, date and time, checked.  Now, we must decide on the cuisine and menu.  As there are not many good American restaurants in London, we decided to do American.   We made beer can roast chicken, Southern style baked beans, baked mac and cheese, sauteed green beans and roasted garlic mashed potatoes.  Yes, way too much food for 4 people, but we couldn’t agree on what to leave out so we decided to make smaller portions of each side dish.  And for dessert, I made a key lime pie (well, a lime pie anyways as I can’t find key limes here!).

Beer Can Roast Chicken - it doesn't look very appealing, but it has never failed!

Baked beans - Ready for the oven!

Mac and Cheese

Key lime pie

The couple loved everything.  The guy even went back for seconds!  Good food, good company, good Chilean wine, an overall great evening!

Whenever we make roast chicken, we usually have leftovers.  As I don’t like wasting food (not if I can help it, that is), I remove all the meat and make chicken sandwiches for lunch or dinner the next day.  And I save the carcass to make chicken stock.  One bird, multiple meals and uses!

Here’s what I had for dinner tonight.

Chicken sandwich - my own recipe and it's delish!