Wedding in Peru, first post. I have all these great photos of how beautiful this outdoor wedding was, with the gorgeous outdoor reception tent, the ceremony tent, the beautiful couple, and adorable flower girls. But, first, videos of La Hora Loca during the reception. A Peruvian wedding tradition of having clownish entertainment show up from 10 to 11 (or is it 11 to 12?) for the “crazy hour” with balloons and confetti, and some crazy dance energy to get the guests all hyped up for another two or three hours of partying. I don’t think these videos even begin to capture how crazy and fun this really was. First the crazy jester:

The crazy goofiness is contagious!

Then came the confetti bombs, spray streamers, chair dances…and who knew that long skinny balloons could be so much fun and festive? Fun music, festive people, and a big silver jester to lead you in new dance moves! What more could you ask for in wedding reception entertainment?