My cute sleepy dog…notice that his front right leg looks like it has a funny band on it? It turns out that, while I was gallivanting around the southern hemisphere, my poor baby got really sick and spent a night in the animal hospital emergency room. On my third day in Peru, when I got my first successful wi-fi connection, I found an email titled “Call me” from the doggy daycare where I had left Marley.

So, my friend let me use her Skype account on her iPhone and call the daycare. But when I called, he told me not to worry, Marley did not have a virus, parasite, or anything. They took him to the vet because he had bloody diarrhea and the vet had sent him to the 24 hour animal hospital for overnight observation. But they were planning to pick him up again that morning. All was well…so I didn’t worry.

Fast forward to my return home on Sunday when I go to pick him up. Of course Marley is his usual joyful, excited self. He has this way of expressing his joy in his entire body. He wags his entire backside, not just his tail. He has this way of running, while looking back at you, so he’s curled in a huge “c”. And the way he jumps up dancing around on his hind legs just because he’s just that happy! A dog who loves you is the best!

Anyway, they also hand me a sackful of meds, some chicken breast they’ve been feeding him instead of his dog food, because of his tummy troubles. Apparently what actually happened was that he basically pooped a whole pool of blood and started vomiting. And at the vet, he felt so sick that he was shivering! The vet tech later told me that he was sick, but still cuddly and snuggly and cute, even though he didn’t have any energy.

The vet had given him some shots and then sent him to the hospital for overnight observation and IV fluids. That explains why his right front leg looks weird- they had to shave it to tape the IV on. Poor pup. Since then, I have been keeping him at home all week so that I can give him his meds every 12 hours. I think it’s just a course of antibiotics. One of the meds is this pink fluid that reminds me of the penicillin I had when I had strep throat as a kid. I’m so thankful that he is healthy and that the daycare took such good care of him and took him to the doctor when he needed it

But, in addition to the $40 per night boarding for my 12 day vacation, I also have a $600 vet bill. No more long vacations for me for a loooong time! Maybe no traveling at all, if I can help it.
UPDATE-Turns out the $600 bill just took care of the hospital ER visit. I just got another $270 bill from the vet for all of the original workup tests and the meds they gave him. Yikes.