There have been so many crazy images of devastation. Many of the areas of Japan that were stricken by the tsunami look so hopeless, as if they can’t possibly be fixed again. And yet, there are also so many heartwarming stories. People exhibiting patience and endurance, though they are homeless, hungry, and cold. Instead of looting, sharing. And the power plant workers? Staying to do their jobs, risking their lives, in the hopes that they can prevent nuclear disaster. I can’t even imagine what kind of strength of spirit that takes. Then, among all this, I saw this video. Simple, but inspiring. It’s Japanese news, so I don’t understand what they are saying. It’s not flashy, like US news tries to be. But first, you see the mangy dog, who looks dirty, wet, cold, and a little bit scared. The news reporters seem to be trying to figure out what he is doing amidst all the devastation…and then you see the other dog he is with. How many people are able to express the simple loyalty that a dog so instinctually expresses?

When there are signs of goodness, loyalty, and strength of character in the world as demonstrated throughout Japan during this horrible time, it inspires me to be better and do better. Share without resenting, love without desiring, give without wanting, be without needing. These things are hard to do in our modern world. Because we learn that survival is paramount. And to survive you need to get and win for yourself and your family. But, maybe, at the core of it, winning is about being as human as you possibly can bear. And that being human, ultimately, might actually be about being good rather than evil. In today’s world, that can be the hardest to believe, because there is so much evidence to the contrary. To see any evidence of innate goodness – is what inspires me.