Sweating, I hate it.  My lung capacity is one of a daily smoker although I have never ever tried a cigarette.  And although I object to MacchaHe’s comments “you’re so jiggly” or “you’re so freaking weak,” they’re quite true.    I have a gym membership but I never go.  I like to blame it on work or other “errands” or even being too sick and ill but the fact is I really don’t like the gym or working out.   If you’re the same as me, I am going to try to inspire you today.

Back in November, my friend urged me to purchase a Groupon for Pilates on Fifth.  It was cheap, $40 for five classes.  She had been to this studio and had been urging me  for years to join her but I never did because I thought classes were very expensive (~$20).  Plus, I don’t like to work out anyway.  The Groupon seemed like a good opportunity to try out these classes so I clicked BUY.

Let’s just say November/December are busy months of eating with endless episodes of food comas.  So it was not until January that I finally started these classes.  My first class was decent but I didn’t feel like I got a great workout, or any workout.  Is this worth it?  My friend warned me though, that was an easy class, next time we would sign up for her favorite instructor.  Sure enough Abbey Bell’s Mat Pilates Plus showed me a good workout.   I couldn’t do everything in my first few classes with her but she was very good at motivating me or correcting my positions to really work out certain areas.  I’ve taken yoga before and I was expecting Pilates to be similar.   I was surprised to find I actually like Pilates better because I feel as if I am getting more strength building for the whole body.  My experiences with Yoga was that it really helped more with the flexibility.  Soon enough my Saturday morning routine changed from sleeping to 10am classes and I did not mind it one bit.  I felt planks becoming easier and it felt good.

The moment of truth really came when my five classes were over and I had to decide if I wanted to start buying $20 classes.  Me being me, I thought about it for over a week. Physically, I wasn’t really seeing a difference.  I even asked MacchaHe if he noticed anything and he laughed in my face said “Try a little harder.”  Given it was only five classes, once a week and no change in diet, I really shouldn’t have expected immediate results.  What I did discover was that I actually enjoyed the classes and looked forward to them.  This is a shocker!  So I thought why not, this is a rare occasion.

I purchased a package of about 20 classes and I’ve been trying to go at least twice a week.  I can’t believe I am saying/typing this but I lov…. no I can’t, I really really like these classes.  I actually got very sick and did not attend class for two weeks.  As I started feeling better, I was really looking forward to my next class.  The sad thing was I lost all the strength I built up in the two weeks I missed but got such a great workout from it that chuckling made my abs hurt for almost a full week.  Today I went to a Barres and Bells class with Michelle Taylor and I worked muscles I never thought existed before.  I don’t think I will be able to walk tomorrow.  Don’t make me laugh either, I’ll be hurting.

I absolutely recommend everyone try Pilates just to see if they like it.  I also do believe it really depends on the instructor.   A good instructor will work you harder, teach new methods and provide you individual feedback if you’re doing something incorrectly.  A bad instructor gives an easy class and makes unnecessary remarks.  Having attended this studio for two and half months, I know who to avoid now.