This past Sunday, my husband and I went to Camden Market.  We needed to look for a housewarming present and he wanted to test out his new camera (photography is one of his hobbies/passions).  So, killing two birds with one stone, very efficient!  Weather wise, it wasn’t great, there was hardly any sun.  Typical London.  But at least it wasn’t raining and it was not too cold.  And apparently, sun is not ideal for photo taking anyway.  Who knew?!

We were having a nice time, just wandering around, me searching for housewarming gift ideas and him focusing on taking photos.  We were enjoying ourselves.  At one point, hubby was standing in front of one particular stall and the owner thought he was taking photos of him and his stall and told us ‘no photos please’.  And I quickly replied, simultaneously pointing to the statues next to his stall, ‘that’, meaning we were not taking pictures of him but of the statues.  The guy was taken aback by my terse reply.  My hubby said that I came across as rude.  I started to defend myself, thinking that I wasn’t.  On deeper reflection, I guess it might have came out that way.  I know I can be dismissive and curt sometimes, mostly when I am annoyed.  The poor stall owner caught me at a bad time.  I was getting a bit tired and hungry.  In any case, ‘was my reply really that snappy?’ I thought to myself.  Maybe.  Sometimes my annoyance and displeasures at something/someone come out too easily!