Important events come in threes? Well, I’m now on my second major life reminder for the week…with the first being Mrs.Cannoli’s reprinting of the inspiration poem the other day. That poem was even more striking due to the fact that more than one Spice noted its importance to her earlier in her life, including me.  Anyway, the second event – after eating my meat pastry on my last day in Peru, I met back up with fellow Peru travelers before heading off to my midnight flight. One of the best things about this trip ended up being all of the wonderful and welcoming people I met. A strong reflection of a person is the company they keep – the bride and groom were not only amazing hosts themselves – they also have some of the warmest friends I have ever met. So, on the final afternoon, I met up with the newlyweds and one other couple they know from LA, since we were the only ones left. First for lunch and drinks at a restaurant called Pescados Capitales. If you ever find yourself in Lima, Peru, and have a thing for ceviche – I highly recommend this place. I have tried some supposedly Peruvian restaurants in NYC before, but they did not come close to doing justice to the cuisine. Peruvian ceviche is flavorful, but still allows the flavor of the fish to come through. Highly seasoned with familiar-tasting ceviche flavors of citrus, onion, cilantro, but the fish is cut in much larger pieces – chunks, really – so it doesn’t seem like the flavorings are there to cover fishy flavors. All of the fish and produce in Peru are shockingly fresh and delicious. Fresh mango, papaya, melon, strawberries every day at breakfast – like none I’d ever tasted before. Better even than the fruit you can get in California.

Along with the eating was drinking…and after the boys had a few Cuba libres (the real deal, as they serve actual Cuban rum in Peru!), their friend started telling me things that he could see about me and my life. I’m not sure why he felt compelled to communicate to me his insights, or why he was seeing them. Earlier in the afternoon, he had mentioned experiences he and members of his family had had in connecting with the spiritual world. Whether testing a Ouija board as a kid, or the feeling of a spirit pass through the room when his mother criticized a native mask hanging on the wall. I don’t know that I’m a believer in any of the rituals or belief systems that surround such things, but I do acknowledge that a spirit world exists. One that I do not understand or have much access to. Anyway, after we left the restaurant and were having drinks at the next location, he starts to tell me things…

First, he asks me if I’m recently divorced, or just out of a serious relationship with someone I had been living with. Yup, bullseye! He sounded worried that he was freaking me out, but I’m pretty open minded about these things and was really curious about what he was going to tell me. He sensed that, for the last two years, I haven’t been doing what I should be doing, that I’ve been off track. That pretty closely matches the time period in which the relationship was essentially ended/in the process of ending. He said that the main reason I was in this relationship for so long was directly connected to my relationship with my parents. That one or both parents always made me feel like whatever I accomplished wasn’t good enough. And my relationship was in direct response to how that made me feel. How could he have known – that one of the things that I really valued in my relationship with M was the way he always believed in me and valued my abilities and talents? So, check, bullseye again. He then told me that this relationship was still holding me back from moving on. Which I must acknowledge as true. I just don’t feel ready yet. Then…my sleeve caught the straw in my drink and I spilled it. Right into my purse. Which freaked HIM out, because he had asked me about M’s sign earlier. And, as M is an Aquarius, or the water sign, the water going into my purse was a significant message. I’m not sure exactly of what…a sign of M’s continued influence in my life? A sign of something to come? I have no idea. He seemed to not want to talk about it anymore. His final comment to me was that his image of me was with tire marks on my back. Not in my professional life, but in my personal life only, I let people run over me and take advantage of me. That one surprised me a little and I’m not sure I agree with. Maybe he was still talking only of M.

He then said he was done talking about me, and moved onto generalities, and the idea that there are true vampires in this world and in our lives. The vampires among our friends and families that suck out our lifeblood and who we need to cut off. His wife did temper it with the idea that it’s not exactly about cutting these people off entirely, but of managing the relationship, such that they don’t have the ability to drain us of our energies. It was funny though, because, right before she said that, I was thinking that there are often people in our lives, particularly family members, that we can’t just cut out.

His words made me think and I ended up shedding a few tears on the car ride to the airport. His wife had warned me that he had made one person cry before. I wasn’t upset exactly, because it wasn’t like he really told me anything I didn’t already know. But in bringing these thoughts to the surface again, I was reminded that there are still things I need to work on in order to continue to move forward in my life. And I was oddly comforted, too. Because I was reminded that, whatever powers there are, watching over or walking with us, they do occasionally reach out with these reminders. These reminders comfort us in that, whatever life is about, there are forces that will try to keep us on the right track, despite our wanderings and failings.