There are things that gross me out and then there are things that are down right disgusting.

As a frequent user of public transportation, I’ve seen, and smelled, more offensive behaviour and odour than I would like in my lifetime.  Being a New Yorker, I am used to smells of eau d’urine in the subways, and rotten food reeking from dumpsters.  These things are gross but I can live with it.  Disgusting is when you actually see something (or in this case, someone) in action.

Riding on the tube or bus in London, I’ve seen on a number of times, well-dressed grown men in nice shirts or suits either reading a book or newspaper, or listening to their ipods.  Some of them look like bankers or some other professional. So far, pretty normal stuff.  They are in their own little world and so am I.  Every so often, I would look up and around to check out my surroundings.  And I notice that this fashionably attired, well-groomed man shifts in his seat.  His hand reaches up to his face.   Perhaps he has an itch and needs to scratch it?  Maybe he is tired and needs to rub his eyes?  Nope, it’s definitely an itch on his nose.  So I look away, until I notice, from the corner of my eye, his finger is not ON his nose, but IN it!  He is picking his nose!!  He digs right in and around!  ‘Disgusting!’ you’d say. But no, that’s not the disgusting part.  The disgusting part is he then eats his booggers!!!!  EEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!  Then he repeats himself!  Double EEEWWWW!!!!

OK, I’ve seen plenty of toddlers and kids do that, but a grown human being??!! How is it that grown men do not know proper public etiquette?  Have we not evolved over millions of years and possess superior intelligence than any other form of life on Earth?  Can we not tell the difference from right and wrong, public and private behaviour?  Where have these people come from?!