Ok so maybe I am obsessing a little over this nude shoe thing.  I was not pleased that I did not find the Tahari nude heels in the DSW near me, so I went to the one near my job after work.  Struck out = they had the heel but not in my size.

But I found more flats.  Ugh what am I doing?!?!  These are also Steve Madden, they’re the exact same colors as the flats I bought yesterday, but these have a rubber sole, are rounder in the front, and do not have a heel.  Now I am more confused than ever!

Steve Madden Heaven in black leather

Steve Madden Heaven in taupe patent


These were $39.99 a pair.  Not as good as a bargain as the $24 jobbies I bought yesterday.  Ugh I can’t make up my mind!  So let’s try a poll!