Another “come together at the last minute” meal by me.  I wish I had the discipline to plan ahead more, but I tend to cook what my hubbo and I are in the mood for, rather than what’s in the fridge that we could/should use.

I feel like I’ve abandoned my usual sources, but I consulted foodgawker again to come with today’s dinner.

Tonight, I made:

  • Peas, ala frozen from a bag that i steamed and seasoned (hey, they can’t all be creative!)

I made only one modification to these recipes, aside from tripling the rice recipe.  I floured the turkey cutlets before I cooked them in the hopes that when I mixed the left over floury bits in the pan with the wine, it would make a nice thick sauce.  The sauce was delicious, but it did not thicken like I’d hoped.

Some might say that this was a strange meal since I mixed Italian with Middle Eastern, but in the end it was all good and sticking to one type of cuisine does not matter to me.  Hubbo enjoyed it too and I will be making both of these recipes again.

What did you make for dinner this evening?

Roasted mushrooms and onions hanging out with some white wine

Pretty turkey scalloppine

Rice is still smoking!

A little messy looking, but ready to eat!