I do realize there will be never ending parts to the Creepy Internet but I felt a need to vent about this.  I received a Facebook message yesterday and as soon as I opened it I felt incredibly skeeved out.  I did not feel flattery, I felt GROSS.   I have received random friend request from people I did not know before, but for some reason this personalized message just hit another level of intrusion.  You’re an old ugly guy, go find your friends elsewhere instead of stalking Facebook profiles.

I do realize it is my own fault for having a Facebook Profile.   Currently, people who are not my friends can just view just my profile picture and my name.  Well I thought that should be harmless enough for strangers.  Guess not.  Today, I tried changing the privacy settings so that strangers cannot view my profile picture.  I failed.  So instead I changed my profile picture back to what it was for the last two years, a picture that did not cause such creepy behaviors.

Vent End.