Unlike some Spices I know, the awesome factor of my day doesn’t multiply the way it does for her when The Schnitzel Truck makes its way over to her.  However, I pity the fool who don’t appreciate a thinly hand pounded, lightly breaded cutlet of meat that has been delightfully, goldenly, fried.

I’ve been on-site at a client in Downtown Toronto for a few weeks, and I can’t say enough aboot how lovely the people are here, how cute the men are, and how many great food options there are!  I’m sure the urban planners who designed the underground labyrinth of shops, restaurants and leisure that runs 17+miles around downtown had protection from harsh Canadian winters in mind, but it also makes for a great food adventure.

Today, I stumbled upon a deli called Pumpernickel’s, where several sweet little ol’ ladies line up behind the counter to calm the masses of hungry, busy suits with a smile.  I squinted at the sandwich menu behind my very own sweet little ol’ lady, trying to figure out what the Schnitzy options were.  Hmm…it only says “Schnitzel Sandwich.”  She sensed my internal struggle and said “The meat is a veal.” 

Whoa, how did she know which item I was reading in my head?!  Does she also know about my irrational crush?  I digress.

“Yes, I’ll have the Schnitzel Sandwich please.”
“With everything?”
“What is everything?”
“Roasted Red Pepper Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato and grilled onions.”  I swear, she said “grilled onions” with a little twinkle in her sweet little ol’ eye.
“Oh. Yes. Please.”

I practically ran with my piping hot, foil-wrapped goody to find an inconspicuous seat for my blackberry photo shoot.

While I did a poor job in selecting a spot with good lighting, I did do a great job in inhaling several inches of crispity, crunchety, schnitzel on a soft roll with crisp lettuce, sweet tomatoes, smoky mayo, and those aforementioned succulent grilled onions:

Forgive me, Jenny Craig, for I have sinned.  But it was worth it.