I started making a list of all the new items I wanted to buy for spring here.  Oh I was so excited!  I went to the Limited today and there was the skirt, the jacket AND the dress!  The jacket was even on sale!  How did it go?  What did I buy?

Nothing.  The jacket was too orange, or maybe not orange enough.  The skirt was too voluminous.  The dress was way too big on the top for my petite frame (i.e., I have narrow shoulders and no boobs).  Oh how I wish Limited would start making petite sizes.  It would make my life so much easier.  While I was there I also tried on a pair of black pants in a short length (as opposed to regular length) and they were too short.  The proportions of my body are a mystery!  Everything I try on in stores is either too big, too small, too long or too short.  I’m like the Goldilocks of fashion!!!  😦

Planning a trip to Lord and Taylor tomorrow after work to snatch up those Coach nude heels – the only thing left on my list.  Wish me luck!