As I mentioned yesterday, I am sometimes known as the “honorary Asian” due to the many pleasant Asian girls I choose to share my world with.  There was even some talk at one time of giving me a laminated card to carry in my wallet with this title, but sadly I never got one.

The more I pondered this notion last evening, it got me in the mood for . . . Asian food, of course.  Chinese food to be specific.  I’m really trying to make an effort to cook better food for my lovely hubbo and although Chinese food does not always make it to the top of the healthy list, it’s got tons of veggies and can actually make a great healthy option if you make it at home and do some minor tweaking.

As I tried to figure out what to make for dinner tonight, I defrosted some chicken breast and then looked to the ol’ internet for inspiration.  I usually frequent Food Network (my future employer – FN ARE YOU READING THIS?!?!) and Tastespotting, but today I was inspired by MacchaMe to check out foodgawker.  I’d never really heard of it, but I am a sucker for food porn, so once I saw the pretty photos, I was intrigued.

Long story short, I found two “Chinese” recipes and I have to say they came out pretty good.  I obviously cannot vouch for the authenticity of the dishes, but they look, smelled and tasted like Chinese food to me!  Hubbo liked it too!

Chicken Stir-Fry

I love anything that has a little sauce to it, and this recipe created the perfect amount of sauce to make it tasty.  I did not modify this recipe at all (for once!)

Veggie Fried Brown Rice

I looked specifically for a brown rice version of traditional fried rice, since we only eat brown rice in our house now.  Did I modify this one?  Yes – I used egg whites instead of whole eggs, and three times the amount the recipe called for too.  We’re egg junkies!!!  I also omitted the mushrooms, since I did not have any in the house, and the broccoli, since I was already putting broccoli in the stir-fry.  I did cook the rice in my rice cooker, but I cooked it in chicken broth instead of water for a touch more flavor.  Recipes say you should use leftover rice for fried rice, but I never think ahead to make rice the day before.

Look at the pretty colors! And I did not overcook the broccoli!

My attempt at a detail shot.

I think I made too much rice. Can I freeze this?

I love that you can see the individual grains of rice. My rice usually turns to mush if I do not use the rice cooker.