Isn’t it funny how when we’re younger things just seem ridiculous or unfashionable and then all of a sudden we get older and they become necessities? When I was in high school, it was unheard of to wear a winter hat in the cold weather. God forbid we look unfashionable or mess up our teased hair (yes folks, it was the 90’s)! Now, I can’t imagine not wearing my winter hat, even when it’s 50 degrees out! I also used to wear pantyhose with my school uniform, even if it was 10 degrees. Now, I cannot bring myself to put a skirt or dress on because I would freeze to death on my long commute to work.

What’s my new rediscovered necessity? Rubber rain boots. It’s seems like they’ve become necessities for everyone nowadays. I remember wearing them when I was very little, maybe 5 or 6 years old. My mom used to wrap my feet in plastic shopping bags before putting the galoshes on over my regular shoes, so they would slip on and off easier. You did not think about fashion, you just did it because your mother said so. I wonder if you can still buy those rubber boots that go over the shoes . . .

Anyhoo, so rubber boots went out when puberty came in and no one I knew in high school would have been caught dead wearing those things! Man they were ugly! And then, I don’t know what happened, but the rubber boot came back in style! I have to admit, I was a little excited to see them gain popularity again, since they truly are practical if not all that nice to look that.

A couple of years back I jumped on the rubber rain boot bandwagon and bought a “cute” pair. I saw many girls wearing boots of all different colors and designs that I thought, “Sure, what the heck! Crazy rain boots it is!” They were black and pink and had polka dots and were significantly discounted (I think I paid $30 in DSW). And then after a few wears, I came to the shocking realization that I am over 30 and when you’re my age, they’re just not cute. One run-in with my boss in the elevator sealed the deal on that one. I never wore these boots again . . .

Yes, the brand name of these boots is Cougar.

What do I do now? Invest in another pair of rubber rain boots? I HATE when my feet get wet in the rain and snow and I was getting by with spraying my Uggs with waterproofing spray, but it just was not the same. The rubber boot currently in vogue is the infamous Hunter wellies. You see them all over town here in NYC and they look super cute. So I started to lust after Hunters. I was even willing to pay the $100+ price tag to be a slave to rubber rain boot fashion. But they have a major flaw . . . they do not fit over my damn extra-calfy calf! The Hunters have a very narrow circumference, and no matter how many times I tried them on the in stores and tried to pull them up with all my might, they just do not fit me.  Damn it!

All the celebs look good in Hunters.

Not me. FAIL.

So what do I really do now? I ask a Spice, what else? Our little MacchaMe is in the “big ol’calf” category just like me and apparently had researched the right rubber rain boot and came across a pair of Tretorns. She raved about them. I debated over whether to spend the $60 (on sale at Zappos). I ogled them for weeks while we received over 3 feet of snow in NYC this winter. So, I caved in and purchased them. And then what? Of course it stops snowing.  I’ve had them about a month and today is the first day I wore them since the forecast called for heavy wind and rain. YAY!

So far, I like them a lot. They’re not too tight on my leg, they’re sleek looking (black is slimming, right?), I can run for the bus in them, and the price was right.

Tretorn Langta Rubber Rain Boot

Sorry for the blurry pic, but you get the idea. so cute!

I wonder what crazy “I would not be caught dead in” item will find its way into my closet? Flowers and lace? Jeggings? Ed Hardy attire? God only knows . . .