On a very rainy autumn day in 2005 I got married.  What a wonderful day!  But, many of us also remember it as the day we were introduced to a very special friend, and that friend’s name is Verdi.

Most wedding receptions have a champagne toast and mine was no different. I was so excited by the whirlwind of the day that I do not remember many specific details, but I do remember that the champagne was damn good.  Many people said so.  Some folks asked me, “Hey what was that stuff?  I have to go out and buy it!”  So I emailed the reception place to inquire and they responded, “the champagne we use is called “Verdi”, it’s a spumante – you can find it at most liquor stores.”

Verdi!  Now I had a name!  Now all we had to do was go out and find it.  And find it we did.  And then we found out that it has a lower alcohol content that a traditional champagne.  Hmmm . . . ok.  Great.  And it costs about $5 a bottle.  WHA?!?!?!  Cheap stuff???  On my wedding day???  Yes folks, it was the cheap stuff.  I have to admit at first I was a little embarrassed to find this out.  With my luck, someone at the wedding would think that I had penny pinched and tried to substitute Dom with swill.  But the more I thought about it and the more I drank it I realized . . .  you know what?  It was delicious.  It still is delicious.  My friends and I keep in on hand for every occasion, even if it’s just a backyard barbecue in our flip flops and shorts.  It’s Verdi!  Anything goes!

Funny enough, back in 2005, it was actually a little hard to find.  I remember making a trek to a remote Shoprite in Chinatown with Nunnee to pick some up for a birthday party.  But now you can find large bottles in convenience stores and Costco of all places.  And now it comes in flavors – raspberry, apple and peach.  I’m hoping to sample the apple and peach varieties this weekend!

I love you Verdi. 🙂 We all do!


Pretty bottles of Verdi in every flavor - open 'em up!