One of the most awesome websites I have ever come across (I believe it was all thanks to the lovely Hetty) is Tastespotting, which is a site that gathers all the yummy food blogs into one handy dandy recipe resource.  I use it when I am looking for recipes or when I want to get a good dose of food porn.

Anyhoo, on Facebook today Tastespotting posted a giveaway opportunity for a copy of The Silver Spoon: Pasta Cookbook.

The Silver Spoon: Pasta (sigh!)

I must have this!  I have the original  The Silver Spoon and it is awesome.  It’s about 1,000 pages of Italian goodness.  It’s also the best selling cookbook in Italy (or so I remember hearing a few years back).

Go to Tastespotting now, just comment on the post about your favorite pasta, and you could be a winner!  Contest ends on Friday, February 18th.  And while you are there, get a look at the amazing food pics.  MMMMMMMM . . . . . .

(I do realize that by telling you about this giveaway, I am probably decreasing my chances of winning, but I’m just a nice person like that.)

Good luck!