I never ever get surprised.  Ever.  So when he said he had reservations for 2/14 and to be home by 7:30.  I did not ask more.  Because I know if I asked, he will tell.  A girl could use a surprise once in a little while, even if it involves setting herself up for the surprise.

So we walk north and turn at a random street and arrived at a small french place called Jubilee.  Who knew such a quaint place can exist in the not so lively Midtown East.

Although the valentine theme was a bit overkilled: heart glitter all over the table, Boyz to Men and Celine Dion playing over the background, the rich French food was scrumptious!  I apologize for the lack of pictures,  I was concentrating on being a “good date.”

The snails were cooked to a good consistency and with lots of garlic and right amount of oil.  Foie Gras terrain was creamy. The toasted bread that came with it was actually unbelievably perfect.  I got the mussel in chicken and truffle sauce, buttery good.  He got the seared duck, which came with a sweet potato mash.  I devoured the mash.  Dessert included raspberry gratin, a mousse drenched in raspberry favor and creme bulee.

I am full and happy.

Source: Yelp