Next time you are flying through O’Hare, I recommend picking up an airport meal between gates B10 and B11. Rick Bayless has opened an airport version of his popular Chicago restaurant Fontera Grill, called Frontera Tortas. The tortas (Mexican grilled sandwiches) take about 10 minutes to prepare, so plan ahead accordingly. Last time I came, I had the chicken tortilla soup and then ordered a Cubano Torta to save for dinner. The chicken tortilla soup is my absolute favorite at Frontera Grill and I would say the airport version is 40% the quality of the in-restaurant version. Part of it is presentation – the restaurant version comes with condiments on the side, including a dried ancho chili you crumble into the soup. All this to say, even at 40%, the ORD version is still a delicious, satisfying soup. Particularly when slightly hungover, which I was.

Today, I got here in time for the breakfast Tortas (served until 10am) and I got the egg and chorizo, of course. Also yum! I am going to try to upload a photo. They also have this yogurt on the menu that looked delicious, but as this was my first opportunity to try a breakfast torta, I didn’t want to waste my time ordering something healthy. Also on the menu, a variety of fresh juices, guacamole and chips, and a couple of margaritas. The Tortas are a bit messy and maybe not something you’d want to attempt to eat actually on the flight. But there is seating at the restaurant, or you could enjoy at the gate.

I am going to eat the rest of my breakfast torta now!