It seems my natural ability to brave winter elements deteriorates each year. Once upon a time, a thin cotton layered long sleeve shirt and a J Crew wool coat kept me cozy all winter, maybe a cute scarf was involved.  Hats or head coverage was unthinkable, even on my non-styled hair.  I would like to think that it is global warming and not my old age but I would not dare go out “naked” like that this winter.  Early this season, I did what I do best:  Spend countless hours sitting on my couch, surfing for the most ideal Puffer.

What was ideal for me? Stylish, super warm, something a little different from the rest, and a budget of $300.  Even though a North Face or  Patagonia would fulfill the warm factor, I wanted something a little more stylish.  Spending over $1K on Moncler was not quite an option either..

Moreau Jacket - Moncler

$1,200?? No can do.

What I learned during my surfing? Most fashion down coats on the market have extremely poor Down/Feather ratios.  This included some respectable brands that charge a hefty dollar for their coats, but with only 30 to 40% down!  How is one supposed to keep warm in that in this bitter cold? If I was trying on coats at a store, it would never occur to me to examine the tag for such specs.  Thanks to sitting on my bum at home and reading product descriptions, I discovered that if I wish to be warm, it is something important to look out for.

Looks warm eh? In below freezing temps, 30% down won't keep you warm

After a lot of browsing and “what do you guys think of this?” with friends, I settled on a Puffer by Soia and Kyo.  They are a Montreal based company with a focus on stylish outerwear.  Characteristics of their coats include oversizes buttons, structured collars and asymmetry.  Hmm, just right up my alley.  Canadians should know what cold means right?  Their puffer is a satisfying 80% down fill.   Even though I didn’t have the best experience ordering from their site (another story, another time), I am so IN LOVE with the coat I got.  It is unbelievably warm.  I have been in sub-zero temps with just a tshirt under because I was running late and didn’t even realize i forgot to layer until I took the coat off.  I have received several compliments on its unique collar and shape.  The inside lining has a super cute design (I know, who cares, but I am the one to see it!).

With my bomber hat and my new Puffer, I could live in the North Pole.

The Lovey by Soia and Kyo

What is keeping you warm this season?